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Blind nuts, blind bolts Blind nuts, blind bolts Blind nuts, blind bolts Blind nuts, blind bolts

Blind nuts, blind bolts

A rivet nut is a one-piece internally threaded and counterbored tubular rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side. There are two types: one is designed to form a bulge on the back side of the panel as a screw is tightened in its threads. The other is similarly drawn in using a screw, but is drawn into the sleeve instead of creating a bulge.

Blind Bolts are the innovative solution for any connection to a hollow section. With three types available you can choose the product that fits your application. The grip range will typically help ensure the right product for the job.


The blind rivet nuts provide many benefits including a stable thread on thin-walled components; simple blind installation; fast assembly time; and low assembly costs. The blind rivets also offer low installation costs as no expensive setting tools are needed. They can be set with a hand or pneumatic tool, a press, or an automatic installation unit. They can also be used to clinch separate sheets together – acting as a rivet – allowing assembly of another component with a bolt or screw.

The blind bolts have become so popular that they are changing the way architects and builders approach their designs. They offer easier, more innovative solutions for a variety of types of design challenges. In addition to being innovative solutions, these types of bolts also reduce costs. Therefore, they not only save builders time and hassle, but they also save them money as well. Browse our selection of bolts to find easy solutions to your design dilemmas.

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